Tuesday, October 4, 2022


OPEC Plus considers important production cut to support oil prices

OPEC Plus, the group of oil producers, is considering announcing a major production cut when it meets on Wednesday, according to a person familiar...

Keeping up with increasingly dynamic customer needs

Just 20 years ago, a song typically stayed on the Billboard Top 100 charts for 20 weeks. Right now, it's closer to two...

Qualcomm sees adoption of private 5G networks grow rapidly in India

Qualcomm India Chairman Rajen Vagadia believes the country will be on par with the world in the next two years.

When hiring, prioritize assignments over interviews

As an HR manager, you want to hire the "best" person for a job (whatever that means for the given role), but how do...

United Airlines Ends Service at JFK Airport

United Airlines said it would temporarily stop flying to and from Kennedy International Airport in New York in late October after struggling to gain...

Withholding college transcripts for loan repayments ‘abusive,’ agency says

Colleges that lend directly to their students can't then refuse to release a student's transcript as a way to force them to make loan...

Preparing the next generation to run the family business

Why aren't more businesses being passed down from generation to generation, and conversely, why aren't younger generations more interested in taking significant responsibility in...
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Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

Greenland Inuit demanded answers on Denmark’s birth control scandal

Denmark and Greenland agree to investigate traumatic birth control procedures on Inuit Greenlanders.

Less travel for China’s Golden Week amid quarantine fears

BEIJING-- While China's top leaders commemorated revolutionary martyrs on Friday, far fewer Chinese are expected to travel during the upcoming "Golden Week" National Day...

Readers criticize recent column; Amy responds – Chicago Tribune

Dear Readers: I have heard from dozens of readers extremely concerned about my response to "Avoiding Amanita," the question written by a man who...